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Divorce is a difficult process, both legally and personally. It becomes increasingly complex, though, when high-value assets and property are involved. Our attorneys at Edge Law have decades of experience walking clients through the divorce process, including high net worth divorce. 

We are detailed and well-prepared lawyers who will aggressively fight for your spousal interests in the property division process that is critical in a high asset divorce. We will do our best to deliver results for you and protect your property rights in your Virginia Beach divorce.

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What Constitutes a High Asset Divorce?

A high asset divorce involves spouses with significant financial assets, usually amount to $1 million or more in combination. As couples with such high-value assets may have more to discuss regarding property division and other financial decisions in divorce, they will need to take additional steps to protect their financial assets through a high-net worth divorce. It is best to consult an attorney like ours at Edge Law who has experience with high asset divorce to guide you through your case, as a good advocate will need to be familiar with the financial side of divorce law and the process of property valuation.

Property and Assets Involved in High Asset Divorces

There are a number of different assets and property that are involved in a high-net worth divorce, and all of these things must have a value assigned for the purposes of division. Some examples of important assets relevant in a high net worth divorce include: 

  • Family-owned businesses;
  • Investments and stocks (retirement funds, stock portfolios);
  • Rental properties;
  • Boats and luxury vehicles;
  • Jewelry and art pieces;
  • Business and investment property.

What Happens If I Have Property or Assets Located in Another State?

If you are filing your divorce in Virginia, the division of your property and assets will be subject to Virginia laws regardless of where the estate may be located, even if it is out of state. 

How Can a High Net Worth Divorce Attorney in Virginia Beach Help Me?

  • Tensions will naturally be high in high net worth divorces, as you and your spouse will be dividing property and assets that are important and valuable to both of you. 
  • There will also be many types of property to handle, and it will be overwhelming for you to handle alone, especially while you are going through the other sides of divorce involving your children, adapting to a new standard of living, and finding a new place to start. 

While you focus on your and your family’s personal recovery, let an experienced high asset divorce lawyer handle the complicated financial side of your divorce. 

Our attorneys at Edge Law are aggressive and communicative lawyers who will accurately represent your interests in the negotiation and court rooms. Additionally, as settling and dividing such property requires professional attention, we may also consult a number of professionals like business valuators, accountants, and property appraisers to ensure that we accurately calculate all of your assets and evaluate your financial health.

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If you have a number of important assets in your marriage, it is important that you consult an experienced high net worth divorce attorney for legal representation. It is best to deal with the property settlement and asset division as soon as possible, and we can help you. Our team at Edge Law has decades of experience guiding clients through divorce, and we will represent you aggressively as we fight for your financial rights.

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